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The Green Pockets on the Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a game of pure chance. In roulette, players wager that a small, white ball will land in a numbered pocket on the roulette wheel. A roulette wheel is a wooden or plastic wheel with thirty-six red and black pockets, numbered one to thrity-six. If the roulette wheel is an American roulette wheel, aside from the thirty-six red and black pockets, it also has two green pockets, numbered zero and double zero. In European roulette wheels, there is only one green pocket, numbered zero. Generally, the green pockets on a roulette wheel are not counted when calculating for a roulette bet's payout.

For example, in a straight bet -which is to say, when a person bets on a single number in a roulette wheel- a person's odds against winning with an American roulette wheel is thirty-seven to one, but the payout for a straight bet is thirty five to one. This means that for every dollar that a person bets on a straight roulette bet, they will get thirty five dollars, and they will also get back the amount that they had initially wagered.

Most roulette bets do not include the green pockets. The exception here is the trio bet, which is a bet made on either zero or double zero, and the numbers adjacent to them on the roulette table. The odds against winning on a trio bet are 11.667 to one, but the payout on this bet, as with other bets that involve only three numbers, is eleven dollars to every dollar wagered. The fact that a trio bet includes the green pockets do not make any difference on this matter. The fact that the green pockets are not calculated in a roulette game payout generally counts as a house edge or house average. The house edge refers to the additional amount that a casino earns, in relation to the amount that a casino might lose, given a player's chances of winning in a particular game. It is a common misconception that if a person bets on a green pocket, they gain the house edge. This is untrue. While the fact that the green pockets exist on a roulette wheel but are not counted in a poker payout makes the house edge possible, betting on these very pockets will not negate the fact that a player's odds against winning are still thirty-seven to one while they only stand to win thirty-five times the amount that they had originally bet.